Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AmeriCorps Reflections on Service - Part 2

This second reflection comes from Sharon Lynn, AmeriCorps Member - Volunteer Relations Coordinator.

As my term of AmeriCorps service comes to a close, I have many reasons to be grateful for the experience of working at Volunteer San Diego.  As a previous office volunteer for Volunteer San Diego and Serve-a-thon Committee Member, I thought I knew a lot about how much work the staff handled and how the organization was run.  Once I became part of the staff, I realized how much I had not been aware of and how motivated the staff is on a daily basis to accomplish all that is humanly possible to make this the best organization it can be.

My position as Volunteer Relations Coordinator was a challenge in that I was walking on some new territory for the organization, combined with a huge amount of new territory for myself.  In my assignment of onboarding New Flex Team Leaders and Internal Volunteers, I was the instrument for implementing newly created systems while formalizing all pertinent documentation.  Thank you Volunteer San Diego for guiding, encouraging, and helping me stretch in ways I had not imagined possible!

Thank you, Sharon! We are constantly impressed with your motivation and all the amazing work you have done at VSD.

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