Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Volunteering

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days of the year to volunteer, which means that all meal serving volunteer opportunities are full right now.

So now what?

Perhaps use the time you were hoping to spend volunteering by researching other projects that you might like to do this holiday season. Some of our partners still have openings throughout December. Many of these projects make a great family or group effort.

Better yet, use the time to plan to serve sometime later in the year. Many of our partners are overwhelmed with people wanting to serve on Thanksgiving or Christmas yet have a hard time filling those same volunteer openings in another month. Other organizations don’t have special holiday projects but offer great volunteer experiences. Committing even one day at a later date can go a long way to meeting an important community need.

Or spend the time considering how else you might contribute to an organization. Many nonprofits are facing record demand for their services AND a cut to their funding (including VSD). Cash donations to your favorite charity are always welcome, no matter the amount. You often can make a donation in honor of someone, which makes a unique holiday gift.

If all else fails, consider making your own volunteer project. Who do you know who could use some company this weekend – an elderly neighbor, a military family far from home, a friend with no family in the area? Invite them to your Thanksgiving celebration or offer to help them with a project that needs some attention. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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