Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Flex Project Highlight: English Speaking Club at Mira Mesa Library

Maxine Choi, departing Team Leader of the English Speaking Club at Mira Mesa Library, tells us about her experiences:

"Working with the English Speaking Club at the Mira Mesa Library is an amazing experience. The project allows you to work closely with members of the community who want to practice or improve their English. Everyone who comes to practice their speaking skills is eager and enthusiastic, and they just love having the opportunity to talk to native speakers of English. I saw how important it was to provide a friendly, non-stressful environment for ESL learners to use their language skills.

For a non-native English speaker, simple things can become frustrating and communication is often difficult. As a team leader for this project, I have seen people who come to the English Speaking Club become more confident in their English and it's a great feeling knowing that you may have helped someone's daily communication become easier, even for simple things like ordering meals or asking for directions. But, beyond that, the most rewarding thing is seeing people in the community come together -- volunteers and ESL learners meeting each other, sharing stories, talking about their experiences and learning about each other. Seeing people reach across cultures and gain an understanding about another person's life experience is both exciting and intensely inspiring."

Thank you, Maxine, for all your hard work! Interested in becoming a Team Leader for this or another flex project? Attend our next Team Leader training on November 17 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Click here to sign up or email Debbie Krakauer at for more information.

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