Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where the Girls Are

The "Giving Gardeners at Ronald McDonald House" project takes place each month offering light gardening as well as a chance to chitchat with other volunteers. When I participated on July 26th, our group consisted of seven fabulous females who spruced up the entry and courtyard garden areas. While we pruned, weeded, planted, mulched, and watered, some of families of the Ronald McDonald House complimented us on our efforts and thanked us for volunteering. Just an hour and a half of volunteering, first thing on Saturday...what a great way to kick-off my weekend!

Volunteers Lara Groutt, Diane Green, and Lauren Payne on the job at the Ronald McDonald House.

Anna Schulz is a member of the flex program and a volunteer blogger for Volunteer San Diego. She also writes for her family blog, The Full Catastrophe.

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