Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Welcome Our New Blogger Luz

Here I am, writing my first blog for Volunteer San Diego. I've been a volunteer for awhile, and I've volunteered in different countries. I have done research on volunteering and have found hundreds of web pages about volunteering examined from different perspectives. There is so much to be said about volunteering that I find it difficult to decide what to write about. A volunteer act is highly individual, and, therefore, it yields unique results. It is one-of-a-kind. No act is equal to another. Genuine philanthropy and volunteering creates endless situations, all with different results. I can speak about volunteering from my current experience and perspective as a teenager. From now on, I will be sharing my writing about volunteering with you. I hope that you find a uniqueness in my stories that you may be craving.

Luz Gozal is a volunteer youth blogger for Volunteer San Diego. Luz is 15 years old and has experience researching volunteerism and creating volunteer projects from the ground up!

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