Friday, May 01, 2009

It's All About Change

Change is upon us. In the past year, we've seen staggering changes in the world economy. We've experience an historical change in our country's political environment with the election of President Obama. Through the Kennedy Serve America Act, we've seen an unprecedented commitment by our leaders to engage Americans into volunteer service. As a country, we are now changing our thought process to how we can make volunteering a way of life. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?

At Volunteer San Diego, we have noticed the changing environment as more volunteers are embracing the call to action. As the spirit of volunteerism grows within the country, there is an even greater need for the year-round programs and program support provided by Volunteer San Diego to the many non-profit organizations throughout San Diego County. As we wrap up our month-long celebration of volunteerism, please consider being a part of that change by contributing to Volunteer San Diego.

The team at Volunteer San Diego does so much to provide volunteers and non-profit organizations with the tools, leadership, training, and support that make the volunteer experience a great one. All it takes is your spare change to change yourself and change the world. Whether you are able to donate $5 or $500, the direct impact of your donation can be seen through the capacity of volunteer opportunities and expansion of programs that we can offer to you and your favorite organizations.


As a fellow volunteer and support of this organization, I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support of Volunteer San Diego. Let's continue to change our world!

Guest Contributor: Brent Shintani, Volunteer San Diego Board Vice Chair, Volunteer San Diego Podcast Producer and Host, and Community Volunteer.

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