Monday, April 06, 2009

Why Volunteer?

As more people find themselves unemployed, the need for volunteers around the country is growing rapidly. There are many different ways in which we can help our fellow human beings just by donating some of our time to help others. While some of us may be struggling ourselves, it is good to stay busy volunteering and making sure that others are able to live without worrying about life’s necessities.

Help Others
One of the greatest things about volunteering is the fact that you are actively working to help other people in need. Whether you volunteer at a homeless shelter or donate your time to a local charity, you are getting involved and helping others at the most critical level. We are all human beings after all and helping others to live even slightly better is rewarding in and of itself.

Give Back to Your Community
In most cases, people who work within their communities and volunteer their time have a vested interest in bettering the lives of others. When we give back at the grassroots level, we also reap the benefits of a united community. Home is where the heart is, and taking care of others close to home helps to revitalize the shared sense of community when you work and help others near home.

Use Time Wisely
Some people talk while others act. Volunteers may be filling a need, but helping out is also a proactive and productive way to spend one’s time. Rather than sitting on the sidelines complaining about what needs to be done, you can take the initiative and be involved in the rejuvenation of your community and its people.

Strength in Numbers
Volunteering is difficult when there are only a few people who care enough to devote time to a cause. However, once people begin to volunteer, they often recruit friends and family members to help the cause. With more people involved, more can ultimately be accomplished to help people and the community as well.

A Feel-Good Experience
Giving back and helping others is something that can help you personally as well. Helping others without expecting anything in return can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences you ever participate in. Look for opportunities to help your fellow human being and your life will change as you help others to change their lives.

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Courtney Phillips is a Volunteer San Diego guest blogger. She also writes blogs for her website Rated Colleges.

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