Monday, December 08, 2008

On Being a Homework Helper

Throughout the month on the Flex Calendar at various libraries around San Diego, the homework helpers come out. I joined the homework helpers at the College/Rolando branch library this week and assisted a couple of students with their studies. It felt good to cheer on a second grader as she rocked through her addition assignment and then prodded a bit to get her through the reading comprehension material. When I learned from the second grader's mom that the two of them had been working for an hour on a book report prior to the work I was supervising, it occurred to me that the mom certainly deserved the break I was providing.

When I was approached by two high schoolers looking for help with their algebra, I am sorry to admit that I was not quite up to the challenge. I did find them some other help and left the project resigned to recruit a certain math whiz in my life for an upcoming Homework Helper project.

Math whizzes are great, but most everyone will be a great addition to a Homework Helpers project. No tutoring experience is necessary and lots of great kids are waiting for some encouragement and assistance.

Anna Schulz is a member of the Flex program and a volunteer blogger for Volunteer San Diego. She also writes for her family blog, The Full Catastrophe.

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