Thursday, March 06, 2008

California Makes History for Volunteerism

On February 26th, Governor Schwartzenegger took first-in-the-nation action to encourage volunteerism in California. The Governor signed an executive order to establish the new position of secretary of service and volunteering. The executive order will raise the profile of service in the Golden State to a national level, encourage more Californians to become involved with service and volunteerism, help California respond to natural disasters and emergencies, and give California's volunteers a voice at the highest levels of state government.

Sue Carter, VSD's Executive Director, says, "As a hub of CaliforniaVolunteers, Volunteer San Diego is excited and encouraged by the Executive Order creating a Cabinet-level position for volunteering. Volunteers are a vital force to change our community for the better. We look forward to continued partnership with the state to increase and enhance volunteerism." For more information and to read some of the national media coverage our state received, visit this webpage:

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