Thursday, February 07, 2008

Buick Invitational a success!

For the past few years Volunteer San Diego has teamed up with the Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines Golf Course to organize volunteers to help staff their event. In exchange for valuable volunteer time they have helped VSD continue our multitude of programs through generous donations.

This year the event took place January 21-27th and for the first time in tournament history rain sullied the course while the normally balmy weather was disrupted by fierce winds. Nevertheless, volunteers showed up in droves to man the concession stands and participate in other behind-the-scenes activities. The dedication of our volunteers is inspiring, as exmeplified by one volunteer's testimonial:

"It was a fairly hectic time at the Buick Invitational because of the damage to the golf course during the previous nights rainstorm.... At 9:15am the crowds were allowed into the golf course and then the fun began. There was only one functioning concession stand with a skeleton crew working, but luckily enough volunteers stayed around and employees were called in to assist. Everyone worked as a team to get the job done and we succeeded!"

Despite the less than inviting conditions, 57 volunteers participated donating over 500 hours! Thank you so much to each and every one of you!

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