Thursday, February 08, 2007

Talk back: HIPHOP Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Thanks to all who attended our screening of HIPHOP Beyond Beats and Rhymes. I think you'll all agree it was a powerful film and our discussion was just the beginning. Please use this blog to post your thoughts on the film and to share with each other ideas for how to take action. To remind you, some of the ideas we came up with in the screening were:

  • Compile a list of HIPHOP artists with a positive message and distribute to interested parties around San Diego, i.e. youth groups, parent groups, stores and caf├ęs that play music in the background...
  • Organize your own independent screenings of HIPHOP with afterschool youth groups, special interest groups at local universities and colleges, or local community gatherings
  • Any activity that provides kids with the tools to make an informed decision about what music they listen to, or other important life choices

Feel free to throw out other ideas or get started on the ones above.

Also, please check out ITVS's HIPHOP campaign site at


Anonymous said...

This documentary was great to experience in San Diego as we are growing on our consciousness of the Hip-Hop culture. I enjoyed the documentary and the discussion afterwards. One thing I forgot to mention was what about the women artists in within the Hip-Hop & Rap culture & community. I think that this idea of how sexist the culture is true, but many of the women artists have unfortunately sold themselves out as the men have. If we don't educate and lead the younger generations through information and empowerment then they will never be able to think independently and will be subject to following the path of the status quo.

Thank you for showing this documentary. We need more of this in San Diego.

hoss said...

This documentary was great to experience in San Diego. There should be more like it.

The discussion afterwards was good. One thing we didn't discuss are women rap artists in the Hip-Hop Community & Culture. I feel that some of them perpetuate the sexism that the men do. Unfortunately, they are selling out just like the men.

Some good artists to keep in mind that are part of the underground Hip-Hop community are:
Lyric Born
The whole Quannum Project, just Google it.
Jusrassic 5
The Spooks
Charlie Tuna, part of J5
Jean Grey

These are just some artists and there are much more. Check them out and support them.