Monday, October 23, 2006

Talk back: The World According to Sesame Street

This was our very first event with ITVS Community Cinema. We could not have asked for a better kickoff. Turn out was high and we had a fabulous panel representing the fields of children’s rights and cross-cultural and peace education.

The discussion was so wonderful, we'd hate for it to end there. Here is another opportunity for you and the rest of San Diego community to respond to the film. Use the "comments" link below to post questions, share insights and/or ideas of how to get involved. After all, Community Cinema is more than just a film forum; it is a tool for civic engagement!

Here are some questions to start you off...

In the film, Anu Gupta of Sesame Workshop says: “Children are not born haters…They are taught to hate. I think some of the values we teach are universal values.” What do you think these universal values are? What can you do in your daily life to promote such values?

Perhaps you watched Sesame Street growing up-or have children who did. If so, what impact did the show have on your or your children’s lives? How can a television program like Sesame Street improve understanding, especially between groups in conflict? How would you describe the power of television? What are its limitations?

Why did some on the South African team believe that it was important to address AIDS? Why would that decision have been difficult for U.S. producers? If you had been part of the production team, would you have supported the decision to create a Muppet with HIV? Why or why not?

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