Thursday, September 14, 2006

Join Us September 17th and 23rd!

Individuals, families and small groups often find our "Signature Events" are the perfect way to get involved because all you need to do is sign-up and show up! Volunteer San Diego will have all the project supplies ready and waiting for you, along with refreshments and free t-shirts.

Sign up now on our website for any of the following events:

SUNDAY, September 17th:

Mission Bay Youth Fields in San Diego - new location

Casey's Place in San Carlos
(special project here for volunteers ages 5-13)

SATURDAY, September 23rd:

Mission Bay Park in San Diego
(special project here for volunteers ages 5-13)

North Santa Fe Corridor in Vista

For more information click on the Projects above or click here

If you can't attend any of our projects, or even if you can and want to give even more, make a donation in recognition of all volunteers. If you are a volunteer you can even ask friends and family to sponsor your volunteering activities. Money raised for Hands On San Diego covers event supplies and materials and supports Volunteer San Diego’s year-round volunteer programs. Each day, Volunteer San Diego volunteers are out making a difference in their community, touching the lives of hundreds of families, children, seniors, and entire neighborhoods in need.

Imagine how much we could accomplish if 2,000 Hands On San Diego volunteers each raised just $20 Then, imagine if those who could, raised a little more...

$10 each – 1,390 abandoned animals could be cared for
$20 – 2,970 youth could be coached, tutored at libraries, and cared for at shelters
$50 – 3,678 seniors could have organized activities and someone to spend time with
$100 – 34,396 people could receive a hot meal served with a smile and compassion
$1000 – the possibilities are limitless...

For more information on how to make a donation click here

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