Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SAVY Leaders Celebrate Another Successful Year!

Volunteer San Diego’s SAVY Leaders recently celebrated the completion of another successful year of leadership and service to the community. On June 6th, Volunteer San Diego staff hosted a Recognition Dinner to honor the many accomplishments the SAVY Leaders had this year as they worked to raise awareness for their chosen issue: the lack of funding to arts and sports programs and facilities in schools.

Each SAVY Leader was presented with the San Diego City Schools “A+” Award for exemplary leadership and commitment to volunteerism, and a Participation Award for successfully completing one year of service as a SAVY Leader. Six SAVY Leaders were recognized as Outstanding SAVY Leaders who went above and beyond the requirements: Mike Baek, Brad Bowen, Iris Do, Shanika Hunter, John Lee and Hong Van Pham.

Six additional SAVY Leaders received the President’s Volunteer Service Award. This award is given to those demonstrating outstanding volunteer service and civic participation by volunteering at least 100 hours over a one year period. The SAVY Leaders who received this award are: Shanika Hunter (250 hours), Philip Lin (216), Schuyler Marquez (175), Paulette Murillo (134), Iris Do (125), and Hong Van Pham (118).

Several SAVY Leaders have written articles to be shared with the community that reflect on what activities the SAVY Leaders planned and participated in and the success they had in raising awareness for their issue. Please click on each author’s name to read their story!
Nikita Ahmad, Brad Bowen, Schuyler Marquez, Savannah Lake.

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